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Lirunex’s Copy Trade feature empowers both novice traders and seasoned investors to tap into the skills of top professional traders. By enabling you to replicate the trades of forex experts and successful traders, it offers an opportunity to benefit from their expertise. This innovative tool makes it accessible for individuals with varying investment capacities to emulate the strategies of these professionals.

What is Copy Trading? 

Copy trading is a trading strategy that enables individuals to mimic the positions of professional traders, either automatically or manually. This approach is designed to replicate the trading practices of experienced traders whose track record you aspire to duplicate. It serves as a means to streamline and automate your trading strategy.

With copy trading, you have the ability to replicate the trades made by these professionals within your own trading account each time they execute a trade. This strategy offers traders the opportunity to closely observe and gain insights from the successful trading strategies of seasoned professionals. It is particularly well-suited for those who find it challenging to stay constantly engaged with the market or for those who are still developing the expertise to trade profitably independently.

Copy Trade with Lirunex

Copy Trade with Lirunex comes with a package of benefits that include:

  1. You can follow the most profitable traders
  2. You don’t have to be a forex expert
  3. You can learn from top traders
  4. Enjoy fast order execution
  5. Diversify your portfolio
  6. Experience high-level security for all transactions, data, and investments.

Now you can easily copy trade with Lirunex through the following simple steps:

Step 1: Log in to your registered account at Lirunex Trader’s Room portal.

Step 2: When you have successfully logged in, in the left corner of the screen image, select “Menu”.

Step 3: Select “Copy Trading”.

Step 4: Select “Leaderboard”.

Step 5: A list of published Copy Trade strategies will appear on the dashboard page. Choose the Copy Trade strategy that works for you and click “Subscribe”.

Step 6: You will be redirected to the Copy Trade strategy details page. Click “Subscribe” in the top right corner to subscribe to the strategy.

Step 7: Select “Lot Allocation Method” to allocate matching lot.

Step 8: Choose real MT4 account to copy by Copy Trade Strategy. (The amount must meet the strategy’s minimum deposit and Subscription Fee.)

Step 9: Click “Subscribe” and Select “Yes”.

What is a Signal Provider?

The signal provider plays a pivotal role in assisting traders in the identification of potential trading opportunities. These opportunities are highlighted through trade alerts, which are generated by trading systems or trade recommendations. Both types of signals encompass specific entry and exit points for recommended currency pairs.

For seasoned traders, the task of selecting the right trading concept becomes more manageable as they gain confidence and experience in aligning ideas with their analysis and perspective. On the other hand, less experienced traders can rely on signal providers with confidence, viewing it as a valuable means of learning from experts about capitalizing on market opportunities.

Through the Copy Trade feature, novice traders gain the ability to track, execute, and generate profits akin to the professional traders featured on our platform, known as Provider. Lirunex’s Provider comprise a carefully curated list of elite and seasoned traders with extensive trading track records. Each Provider maintains an individual trading profile marked by a unique strategy and preferred trading instruments.

Advantages of Becoming a Signal Provider

  1. Expanding Your Business
    If you’re a truly accomplished forex trader, you embody the essence of a seasoned businessperson. Elevating your trading enterprise to the status of a signal provider takes your business to new heights. As a service provider, your choices not only impact your own outcomes but also significantly influence the results of those who follow your signals. This necessitates the cultivation of a prosperous trading mindset, one that empowers you to consistently progress and maintain the trajectory of your trading business.
  2. Multiplying Your Income
    Building a robust trading career can significantly diversify your sources of income. When you become a Provider on Lirunex’s Copy Trade Platform, you’ll receive commissions for your trading activities. There’s no predefined limit to your earnings; they are contingent upon the profitability of your trading performance. Furthermore, the more followers you attract, the greater your potential returns become. To facilitate this, it’s essential to focus on expanding your follower base, a critical step in expanding your trading enterprise. Over time, this initial following can evolve into a thriving community where you can share experiences and ideas with fellow traders.
  3. Building a Reputation
    Maintaining a steady performance is vital for establishing a strong reputation as a signal provider. Your achievements and trading track record will be prominently displayed on your profile, potentially affecting your ranking. By excelling without significant investments in self-promotion, you’re more likely to organically attract new followers and facilitate the growth of your trading business.

How to Become a Provider with Lirunex

Step 1: Log in to your registered account at Lirunex Trader’s Room portal.

Step 2: When you have successfully logged in, in the left corner of the screen image, select “Menu”.

Step 3: Select “Copy Trading”.

Step 4: Select “Published CopyTrade”.

Step 5: Click on “ADD” to publish new Copy Trade strategy.

Step 6:

  • Enter the strategy name in the Strategy Name box.
  • Enter the publisher’s name in the Publisher Name box.
  • Enter the strategy description in the Strategy Description box.
  • Select the account type in the box Master Account. (Account for master trade)
  • Rebate Account select Wallet (USD) (Subscribe and performance fees will be transferred to the wallet).
  • Enter the minimum amount for the copy follower at Minimum Balance.
  • Enter Profit Sharing Fee % (Performance Fee) and payment time.
  • Enter the Subscription Fee for the follower. (A fixed amount or monthly percentage).

Step 7: Click “Send Request”.

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